Grandparents are key to happy grandchildren
April 21, 2017
First Aid for Babies and Toddlers Seminar 23rd of June in English
June 13, 2017

Program for April 2017

Monday 3/4/2017 @ 18:15 pm Breastfeeding Education – We are happy to host Cyprus Breastfeeding Association “Gift for Life” for their Breastfeeding Seminar in English! Coordinating the session, lactation consultant Michelle Orthodoxou RN, IBCLC, Free participation

Thursday 6/4/2017 @11:00 am – Breast Feeding Support Group Coordinating the group is our lactation consultant Michelle Orthodoxou RN, IBCLC, who will happily answer to all your questions. Free participation

Thursday 6/4/2017 @7:00 pm – Welcome Sibling Class! Getting ready to welcome a new member in your family? Join us with your child for an interactive session and learn how you can make this transition period as easy as possible for everyone. Leading the seminar is our associate Irena Anastasiou Registered School/ Educational Psychologist

Thursday 20/4/2017 @11:00 am – New Mum’s Support Group Leading the Support group is our associate Irena Anastasiou Registered School/ Educational Psychologist. Free participation

Friday 21/4/17 @17:00 pm First Aid for Babies and Toddlers (in Greek) A two hours presentation that will be led by a member of the Association of First Aiders, AoFA UK, Mr. Demitris Pieroudis, who is approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance Cyprus.

Tuesday 25/4/2017 @ 7:00 pm – Great Expectations Package – Prenatal & Beyond (in Greek) A series of 8 courses which will include birth preparation, breast feeding, baby care, nutritionist, psychologist and much more. Register now! Limited number of participations.

Tuesday 25/4/2017 @ 10:00 am – Baby Massage Seminar Learn the ancient technique of massaging your baby and gain the opportunity to bond even more with your little one. The seminars be done by our associate and Certified Infant Massage Instructor Gosia Yiapani.

Wednesday 26/4/2017 @ 7:00 pm Conscious Fathering’ (in Greek) An effort to analyse the importance of the paternal role and the important components of the paternal function in relation to the upbringing and care of their children. Coordinating the session is our associate Lykourgos Theodorides, Psychologist – Psychotherapist

Music Therapy sessions Mother & Infant. Groups for ages 0-5 , 6-12, 12-18 and 18+ (4 sessions each group) are available. For further details date and timings of the groups contact us.

Above sessions will be taking place in Baby Academy premises. Pre- registration is requested for the above sessions. Please contact us on Facebook via email 25570010 or @7000 0072